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st as calm and set, as she had been when she called upon Ravenspur in Park Lane with the dreadful news. She gave her evidence slowly and distinctly, speaking more like an

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d. She told how she had become alarmed at her husband's prolonged absence,

how she had gone down to Fitzjohn Square to

see if anything had happened, how she found the dead body there, and

how the police had come to her assistance. B

ut more than that she could not say, more than that she did Dot know. So far as

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she knew her husband had always been a cheerful man. She had never heard him say an evil word of any one. She had not been married long, in fact she was still a b

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mystery. T

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to cause you pain, but does it not occur to you that your husband might have been concealing something? Is it not rather strange that he should leave you at midnight and take an h

our and a half in reaching a house to which he might have walked in ten minutes?" "I don't think so," Mrs. Delahay said. "My husband was one of the most open of men. In fact, he was too fond of leaving his

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